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With the great support from Sapporo Ice Hockey Federation and Sapporo Global Sports Commission, Youth Hockey League (Asia Region) Sapporo stop has become an annual sport & cultural exchange event since 2018.
Sapporo Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF) affiliated with Hokkaido Ice Hockey Federation (HIHF), is responsible for presiding over the ice hockey organizations in Sapporo City. Since its establishment in 1973, SIHF has been organizing events and providing essential programs to promote amateur ice hockey and help its member organizations on player training and skill development, with the aims of contributing to the sound development of Sapporo citizen's mind and body so as to the promotion of sports in Hokkaido.

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Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey proudly announces their cooperation with the Swedish Ice Hockey Association in the coming Olympic cycles, aiming to raise the standard of ice hockey especially in youth holistic development & hockey industrialization in Hong Kong.
Founded in 1922, the Swedish Ice Hockey Association has a long history and experience in knowledge transfer of ice hockey development in all levels. Under the cooperation, Swedish ice hockey personnel will come to Hong Kong to carry out diversified training courses in order to optimize the current youth training system, upgrade overall level of the sport in the region including coach, officials and players. It is expected that such opportunity will strengthen Sweden-HK sport & cultural interflow, and achieve mutual advancement.


Starting from 2017 summer, Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey and Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club become the first sport organization in Hong Kong to partner with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and integrate the positive values (Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons) into the ice hockey culture.
Since its 1998 launch at Stanford University, Positive Coaching has been applied in many major sport organizations such as USA Field Hockey and Major League Baseball.

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