2023 Generation Next Summer Learn to Play Program (Must have skating experience)


(Participants must have skating experience)

2023 Generation Next Summer Learn to Skate Program is designed for players to develop their fundamental skills of ice hockey in a safe and fun environment.

  • skating, stick handling, passing and receiving, shooting
  • Equipment will be provided

Inquiry : 3713 2888 / registration@hkaih.org

Summer Learn to Play Program
Generation Next Summer Learn to Play Program 
 Target: 5 - 12
Time & Venue:  LOHAS Rink – 8 Training Sessions
 Saturday (14:30 – 15:30)

July 2023 
08/07/2023 Sat 14:30-15:30 @LOHAS
15/07/2023 Sat 14:30-15:30 @LOHAS
22/07/2023 Sat 14:30-15:30 @LOHAS
29/07/2023 Sat 14:30-15:30 @LOHAS

August 2023
05/08/2023 Sat 14:30-15:30 @LOHAS
12/08/2023 Sat 14:30-15:30 @LOHAS
19/08/2023 Sat 14:30-15:30 @LOHAS
26/08/2023 Sat 14:30-15:30 @LOHAS
 Program Objective:

 Learn the fundamental skills of Ice hockey in a safe and fun environment

 Program Structure:
  • Skating
  • Stick Handling
  • Passing and receiving
  • Shooting
Course Fee:  HK $3,600/ 8 practices
 Remarks: Equipment will be provided

Adverse Weather Arrangement:

The HKAIH reserves the right to cancel or change any program without prior notice. All schedules, arrangements and content are subject to the HKAIH’s final decision.

Weather Outdoor Class (if applicable)  Indoor Class
Thunder Storm Warning  Y  Y
Amber Rain Storm Signal  Y  Y
Red Rain Storm Signal  N  Y
Black Rain Storm Signal  N  N
Typhoon Signal No 1  Y  Y
Typhoon Signal No 3  N  Y
Typhoon Signal No 8  N  N
Y = Class continues as normal
N = Class is cancelled

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