Dream Action – Youth Exchange Program
by the Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion United Association

Organized by the Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion United Association, HKAIH General Manager (Coach) Barry Beck was invited as a guest of the youth exchange program “Dream Action”. The event took place in Wan Chi IVE and the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village on May 2nd and 3rd, 2011, with 40 students from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan. During the two day event, Barry shared his experiences on how he developed his career from a beginner to a professional and world-known ice hockey player, and the changes and mission when he moved on in his career from a professional player to a coach, from Canada to Hong Kong. Barry also shared his mission and plan for the coming future. The success of Barry is a good example and can help encourage youth to keep on pursuing their dreams and lead youths to their own success in life. Students were introduced to the basics and equipment of ice hockey, and also had a chance to play ball hockey. It was a great time for the students and all the staff of the HKAIH. A big thanks goes out to the Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion United Association for helping to organize this event.

兩岸四地青年活動系列 – 夢想開啟航行動


More event’s details from the Promotional Video & the Dream Action official web site.



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