The workshop was organized by the Education Bureau and The Hong Kong Institute of Education. HKAIH was invited to run a 4 day Ice Hockey Workshop for 25 local primary and secondary school PE teachers.

The workshop consisted of three on ice and three dry land sessions. Basic skating, sport specific training and other aspects of ice hockey were taught to the teachers. Rules of the game and understanding of positioning was also a part of the training.

We hope in future with this kind of workshop, we can continue to promote the sport to teachers and other instructors alike. We want to thank the Education Bureau and The Hong Kong Institute of Education for supporting us in advancing the sport forward in Hong Kong.

「體育教師暑期學校2010」- 由教育局及香港教育學院聯合主辦,冰球工作坊是其中一個體育課程。本校被獲邀請為25名本地中小學體育教師舉辦一個為期4天的冰球工作坊。




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