Barry Beck

General Manager (Coach)

Former Captain New York Rangers

Born in Vancouver, Canada


The one word that encompasses the emotions and experiences I’ve had over the past ten years is “Respect”.

It is the one word that explains the game of ice hockey from top to bottom. I want students to never forget this word.

Yes. We firmly believe in building character, self-esteem and confidence but you must respect yourself and your teammates to accomplish goals.

Everybody loves to win. We don’t teach losing although you may get a medal for it at some point.

Trying your best goes way beyond the on ice product. It defines who you are. This is something you will take with you the rest of your life.

Great athletes and people who are successful have role models and mentors that give guidance but the competitive spirit comes from within, “Nobody out competes you. That’s trying your best”.

“Good luck”.


Robert Kang

Senior Coach & Program Manager (Coach)

Former goaltender of Tabor Academy & Saint Anselm College NCAA III

Korean American

Born in Glen Rock, New Jersey


With the Hockey Development Cooperation between Swedish Ice Hockey Association and Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey, our players had the opportunity to travel to Sweden for summer camps in 2018 and 2019. Throughout the camps not only did our players learn new skills and a new approach to the game but we also learned a tremendous amount from their coaches.

The Swedes coach with immense detail and care where clubs and coaches from their youth programs all the way up to the national team work together to ensure quality development of their players. This Swedish model of all the regions and those clubs within those areas working with a common goal is a big reason why a small country, such as Sweden, has been one of the world’s powerhouse hockey countries.

Aside from their structure, the depth in which they coach was an important aspect of coaching that we were able to learn from. The coaching method keeps the coaches focused and involved and simultaneously allows the players that you are coaching to understand why and how to do a specific skill or drill.

Hong Kong is still a developing region when it comes to ice hockey so the teaching priority must be skill based before moving onto more complex parts of the game. Therefore, it is imperative that we take the parts from models of profound hockey countries which suits our players and the culture of Hong Kong. The grit, the attention to skill and technique are all important aspects of the game that Hong Kong players must embrace.

  • Ying Yeung

    Ying Yeung

  • Aman Leung

    Aman Leung

  • Fellow Mui

    Fellow Mui

    Number of years playing ice hockey: More than 25 years
    Years of coaching: 11 years
    Memorable experience during ice hockey life:
    Every time on ice is another memorable experience for me.
    Have a great opportunity to play, work, learn with professional hockey players, coaches and referees.

  • Jason Tang

    Jason Tang

    Number of years playing ice hockey: 8 years
  • Ryan Lam

    Ryan Lam

  • Leon Mo

    Leon Mo

  • Brandon Ho

    Brandon Ho


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