The coaching philosophy is simple yet fundamental: Have Fun, All-Out Effort, Respect and Teamwork.



The Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey (HKAIH) is a non-profit organization founded in 2007, with the objective of promoting and developing ice hockey as a sport for all in Hong Kong.



HKAIH is committed to promoting ice hockey. We enter into the schools and community to promote “Sport for All”. The Academy also offers quality education to young ice hockey players under the professional sport development system. 

  • To drive the localization movement of ice hockey in Hong Kong, HKAIH will partner with government departments, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and youth organizations to provide high level and high quality training and games; 
  • To nurture young hockey players with personal growth and positive character as key components of our holistic training to be provided by our professional coaches; 
  • To develop local players, coaches, referees under a systematic career plan; 
  • To provide eye-opening exchange platforms for talented young players to excel to the elite level by participating in international competitions. 



To promote interest in, as well as awareness and understanding of ice hockey and to build a strong foundation in the community for this sport. 

From Generation to Generation

HKAIH has collaborated with the NHL Alumni Association to provide ice hockey exchange arrangements as well as to promote the spirit of teamwork and the culture of ice hockey.


To maintain and develop the Hong Kong Ice Hockey as a leader of hockey high performance and coaching in Asia

Coach Education and Development

Established by the professional coaching team and various sport organizations, HKAIH has seen ice hockey grow in popularity in Hong Kong since its inception in 2007. We will continue to promote international diversity and aim to offer coaching education for local communities at all levels. 

Referee Development and Training

To maintain professional conduct and fair play, officiating the games is crucial – whether on-ice or off-ice. We are partnering with different ice hockey organizations to educate local referees, linesmen, and scorekeepers. 

Facilities Planning and Development

Our hope is that Hong Kong will have new additional ice hockey rinks built to international standards and this will encourage more ice hockey players and events to come into the ice hockey community.

A Commercially Viable Sports Model 

The ever growing sports industry is trending in Asian market, with a huge opportunity building around the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Once the sport of ice hockey has become popular, more enterprise will provide support to the sport development.

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